Case Study
  • Casestudy 74th

    digest:Male, 54 years old Main complaint The man had a 6-months sacral pain, with an aggravation of the pain for half a month [detailed]

    Chen Min, Lang Ningdoctor Radiology Department of Peking University 3rd Hospital

  • Casestudy 73rd

    digest:52y, M Hematuria and flank pain for two weeks Lab:U-LEU(++) [detailed]

    Rao Shengxiangdoctor Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

  • Casestudy 72nd

    digest:1.Male, 43 years old 2.Left waist pain after injury for 3 months, and exacerbated for 2 days 3. No other significant history of hematuria, dysuria or fever was experienced. No body dysmorphic featur... [detailed]

    Rong Pengfeidoctor Department of Radiology, The Third Xiangya Hospital, CSU

  • Casestudy 69th

    digest:46 y/o man with right kidney occupying for six years, lumbago more than three months [detailed]

    Qian Yinfengdoctor Department of radiology, the First affiliated hospital of Anhui Medical University

  • Casestudy 68th

    digest:Male 52 Chief complaint : intermittent fever more than 3 months. Present illness: The patient with no obvious incentives in intermittent fever three months ago, the highest temperature is 39.7 [detailed]

    Lining Guo,Dong Lidoctor Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Radiology Department

  • Casestudy 67th

    digest:Male, 5-year-old, Sudden convulsions, happened 10 times during the past 9 hours, with disturbance of consciousness [detailed]

    Xiaoyu Wang, Jian Yangdoctor First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University