Case Study
  • Casestudy 54th

    digest:Female,57Y The patient presented with over one month of paroxysmal vertigo. The sympotom could be induced when she turned over, and it alleviated by oneself after a few seconds. There were no complai... [detailed]

    Dapeng Haodoctor The Affiliated Hospial of Qingdao University

  • Casestudy 64th

    digest:Female,25y Chief complaint: suppuration and hearing decreasing of the left ear for over 3y, intermittent seizure and hearing loss for 1y [detailed]

    Xiangchun Yang, Xiaoping Wudoctor Department of Radiology,Xi`an Central Hospital

  • Casestudy 62nd

    digest:A 28y male patient suffered from clear nasal discharge in 2 months. The patient performed clear nasal discharge after traffic accident, with headache, obviously in the morning. Other symptoms is not o... [detailed]

    Hongyang Jiang, Zhongxiang Dingdoctor Department of Radiology, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital

  • Casestudy 58th

    digest:Age/Sex: 48Y/F Chief Complaint: Coughing,expectorating with chest pain for more than two month. A large mass has been found in the left lung for seven days. Medical history: The patient was in good... [detailed]

    Yi Xiaodoctor Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

  • Casestudy 57th

    digest:Male,30Y; CC.: pain around right hypochondrium(季肋部) for more than 1 month. HPI.: Acute pain around right hypochondrium with frequent micturition. [detailed]

    Rong Liudoctor Zhongshan Hospital

  • Casestudy 53th

    digest:Female, 33 years old Chief Complain : discover a space-occupying lesion in the right upper eyelied for 5 months [detailed]

    Yunfei Zhadoctor Renmin Hospital Of Wuhan University & Hubei General Hospital